JS Printing Co. Ltd. was established in 1993. We engage in high quality printing and develop unique products. We provide superior quality and excellent service. We continuously introduce and utilize new and modern equipment and rely on a professional team of staff. We have distinct recognition from various customers in the industry and have won numerous awards.

JS Printing Co. Ltd. is based in Hong Kong and has established factories and offices in Dongguan, China. With the advantage of being located in the Bay Area, we can take care of any customer needs from manufacturing and production to delivery. We have been awarded the ISO9001 as well as the Caring Company Certification, actively promoting environmental sustainability and contributions to society.


Always looking towards the future, we are committed to developing unique product designs and streamlining our manufacturing with research and development, striving for innovation and advancements in assembly through the use of digital equipment, full assembly, and a hands-on management system. We are sure to provide a new platform for on-demand printing of digital products for our future customers to meet the new age market demand.